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We would like to thank, our sponsor for making it possible to participate in the World Solar Challenge.


Our sponsor, Reliance New Energy, shares our vision for a sustainable future and is committed to making a positive impact on the world. Their mentorship has been invaluable, guiding us through challenges and providing crucial insights to complete our work on time. With their support, we are driving innovation and pushing the boundaries of engineering, empowered to create a brighter, cleaner tomorrow while learning from our experiences to continually improve.


Bridgestone, our tire sponsor, has been instrumental in equipping our solar car with sleek, fuel-efficient tires designed specifically for the challenge. With a remarkably low rolling resistance of 0.045, these tires are crucial for maximizing the efficiency of our solar-powered vehicle. Engineered to withstand the rigors of the road, they offer the necessary durability while significantly reducing rolling resistance. Bridgestone's commitment to innovation and performance has played a vital role in our journey, ensuring that our solar car is equipped with the best-in-class tires to tackle the demands of the competition.


Our team took a significant leap forward in understanding the critical role of aerodynamics by collaborating with the National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) in Bangalore, India. NAL is a premier government research institute renowned for its advanced wind tunnel facilities and expertise in aerospace engineering.By utilizing NAL's wind tunnel, we were able to conduct comprehensive tests on our car's prototype. This wind tunnel testing allowed us to accurately compute diverse parameters concerning air drag and other aerodynamic forces acting on the car. These precise measurements significantly advanced our understanding of how the car interacts with air, a crucial aspect of design and performance evaluation.


Loctite's premium adhesives have been instrumental in assembling our vehicle, facilitating the seamless integration of all components. This has significantly reduced the risk of damage and enhanced the safety standards of our equipment.


Brakes India’s selection of testing roads allowed us to thoroughly analyse our car's performance and efficiency, which really aided our development process


Lectro Mech India played a pivotal role in the development of our prototype by contributing to the creation of essential components, including the metal chassis, which significantly contributed to the success of our solar car, Aarush.


Valeo has significantly contributed to our solar panel production by supplying essential busbars and granting us access to cutting-edge manufacturing facilities, instrumental in our quest for highly efficient solar technology.


We were able to push the frontiers of solar vehicle engineering thanks to the elaborate simulations and exact designs allowed by ANSYS.


Ather supported our team by providing us with essential components like the motor and battery pack, along with invaluable support during our initial breakthrough phase, all of which have laid a robust foundation for our car Aarush.

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